Episode 013 – Interview w/ Cindy Nasser, Mike Baz

Episode 013 – Interview w/ Cindy Nasser, Mike Baz

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We’ve reached lucky episode number 13 — and this one it packed full of really helpful information. In this episode, we ask the question, “How can I help my house appraise for the purchase price — and what do I do if it doesn’t?” Before we get started, as usual, we start off with the news. Tom and Ron have a couple of very interesting stories regarding the pending repeal of Dodd-Frank and a looming potential crisis of HELOCs (Home Equity Lines Of Credit) starting to default en masse. They discuss what (if any impact) either of these will have on the Real Estate Market, as well as ideas for how to make sure that you can take care of your resetting HELOC before it creates a problem. We then introduce our guests, Cindy Nasser and Michael Baz from PCV Murcor, an Appraisal Management Company whose task is to assign and manage appraisers when lenders request appraisals. We go into the details of how they both got started and then discuss the current appraiser shortage currently threatening the market. We then go into the nuts and bolts of an appraisal and what exactly an appraiser does to prepare before even arriving on the property. Tom then asks Cindy and Mike if there is anything a seller can do to help the home appraise for higher (i.e.: “Does making the bed actually help?”) and ends up getting some very solid advice for several things that can potentially make a difference. We then move into a discussion about what can be done if there is a disagreement with the appraiser and what is the best approach for challenging their valuation. Then, if all else fails, and the appraisal does not change, Tom gives a strategy for dealing with it in such a way that the transaction won’t necessarily fall apart. This episode is chock full of really interesting information — please tell us what you think in the comments!    

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