Episode 031 – Interview w/ Julie Clary

Episode 031 – Interview w/ Julie Clary

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Well, we’ve got an extra special guest on today’s podcast and we just couldn’t be happier. This week we’re talking to an incredible woman, an accomplished Estate Planning Attorney, and — oh, yeah — she just so happens to be our intrepid host’s wonderful wife, Julie Clary! This week’s episode is incredibly informative and lots of fun, too!

Ron starts us off by stopping everything and bringing us back to one of Tom’s earlier episodes and rants about negotiation. He asks Julie if it was true that Tom had learned how to negotiate from Julie during their trip to purchase his wedding ring in the Los Angeles jewelry district. Julie confirms the story and also gives some incredibly useful advice on how to negotiate and never pay full price if you have to! Julie and Tom also discuss how important it is not to show how much you may love a house (you lose all the leverage in the deal) and how you should not get emotionally invested right away in your potential new home (you may have to walk away from the deal). A bit off on a tangent — but incredibly useful information when it comes to purchasing a new home.

Afterwards, we get into the main reason for Julie’s visit — to discuss estate planning, wills, trusts and how someone can help their heirs avoid the mess of the probate courts. She tells us how the process works when done correctly, what “no contest” clauses are for, and how to potentially avoid issues with family members that may want more than their share. We also have a great conversation about what someone should look for when choosing an Estate Planning Attorney that will make sure their trust is “tailor made” for their specific situation and that their wishes are taken care of after they pass.

Julie really is an incredible attorney and this conversation is full of fun and great advice. We’re really excited to have her as a guest and we hope that everyone will give this episode a listen and tell us what you think! 

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