Episode 032 – Interview w/ Lauren Senecal

Episode 032 – Interview w/ Lauren Senecal

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You may have never heard of them — and there might be a very good reason for that. Most Real Estate Agents don’t want you to think that they exist — but the Transaction Coordinator is the unsung hero of the Real Estate Industry. On this episode, we interview Lauren Senecal, a Transaction Coordinator and owner of TC Advantage here in Southern California and we find out a lot about what happens behind the scenes when you are buying or selling a home that you may have never have even guessed.

We begin by speaking to Lauren about how she started in the industry and what has brought her to opening her own TC (that’s what they’re known as in the biz) company — TC Advantage. We then talk about her day-to-day duties and how she assists agents with the process of buying or selling a house from beginning to end, making sure that deadlines are hit, the proper forms are filled out by the right people, and making sure the entire process stays organized.

We then talk about the various reasons why agents prefer to keep Transaction Coordinators a secret in order to create the illusion that they do everything from beginning to end. Lauren also talks about the things that she thinks makes transactions run smoothly and how she would change the process if she could. We also talk about various horror stories she’s seen and how they could have been avoided beforehand.

It’s another very interesting episode and we’re so glad that Lauren could stop by to show us her wealth of knowledge and expertise. Please listen and give us comments below! We’d love to hear what you think and to know what we can do better. Also, if you have any ideas for future episodes, please let us know! 

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