Episode 033 – More Real Estate News Than EVER!

Episode 033 – More Real Estate News Than EVER!

In this episode of the podcast, Tom and Ron are talking about the latest and greatest in Real Estate news. There’s a lot of interesting ground to cover this week, so they dive right in.

They start off the episode by taking on the topic of home buyer’s remorse. A recent survey from Trulia found that almost half of Americans have suffered some sort of buyers remorse when they purchased their home — though not the type of remorse you would expect. They actually wish they had bought a larger home! On top of that, most renters say they are remorseful that they haven’t bought at all. Tom talks about how to look at the big picture when home shopping and trying to find larger homes by expanding your search — not necessarily by spending more money.

Up next, Ron tells Tom about an article from the New York Times reporting on the worsening housing crisis here in California. We discuss the different ways governments are trying to alleviate the problem (Property Tax Initiatives, Zoning De-Regulation), while also going into how there is a growing YIMBY (Yes In My Backyard) movement trying to get the developments happening where we need them most. It’s a fascinating conversation about how residents of certain areas actually do themselves a disservice by not allowing growth. When it gets to be too late — they are out of control of the process and could have had more of a say along the way.

Next up, we talk about a new trend in home burglars where they are casing their hits virtually through home listing photos left on Zillow. We discuss the dangers of leaving your listing photos online and not taking them down after the sale.

And speaking of home break-ins, we talk about Ryan Lewis (the other guy who isn’t Macklemore) selling his 7 million dollar estate with the help of a video where a friend/musician pretends to break in and take a tour. We discuss what it takes to market your home with an original and clever video like this — and the potential ways it could actually work against you if you’re not careful.

It’s an awesome news-packed episode and we hope you’ll listen and enjoy!

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