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Interview w/ Stephen Rischall

In this episode, we talk to Stephen Rischall of 1080 Financial Group about the specific obstacles Millennials need to overcome in order to become home owners. We discuss the importance of home ownership as a facet of a healthy financial future and how YouTube “Do-It-Yourselfers” hacking their own finances can…

Interview w/ Jordan Scheltgen

This episode, we interview Jordan Scheltgen, host of the Mind Your Marketing Podcast and founder of Cave Social Marketing Agency. We discuss about what both buyers and sellers should be looking for in the social media feeds of agents they might be considering hiring, how great marketing is about making…

It’s The Weather, Stupid! Or, Is It?

This week, we’re looking into the real reason real estate is more expensive in California. It’s the weather, right? But it turns out the answer is much more complicated than that. While the sun and celebrity lifestyle might be the main reasons people come to West Coast, they instead find…

Interview w/ Alionso Angel

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In this episode, we’re talking to termite specialist, Alionso Angel of Two Guys Termite in Burbank, CA. He takes us through a step-by-step walk through the average termite inspection.. He then discusses what he considered to be the priorities that should be fixed compared to those that aren’t as serious….