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Finding The Right Remodeling Company For Your Home

Trusting someone with the remodeling of your home can make even the most courageous tremble with fear. That’s why we’re talking to J. R. Mariano of Jamie’s Kitchen Cabinets and baths about how contractors as a whole don’t have the most stellar reputations and how that image is well earned….

Real Estate Data Mining And New Pool Regulations

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Real Estate Inspector extraordinaire, Ian Mayer, is back again and we’ve got two very interesting topics we’re covering. Ian starts off with a conversation about how different companies are now trying to mine customer data much earlier in the process. By the time it becomes public record, it’s much too…

Tax And Legal Impacts Of Foreign Real Estate Investment

In this episode of the Clarified Realty Podcast, we’re talking Real Estate with Ani Galyan, a CPA and an attorney, with a specialization in the tax and legal aspects of foreign investment in Real Estate. We discuss things Americans need to watch out for when buying real estate overseas —…