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How To Buy A House Without Getting Sold

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The pressure is intense. You went to an open house and gave all your personal information on the sign in sheet. Since then, you’ve been inundated by endless emails — and potentially — unsolicited phone calls. This is a situation all too common in the real estate industry. We’ll go…

A Real Estate Conundrum

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Tom is getting the same question over and over – “Should I buy a house now? Or, should I wait?” He likes to hear folks be cautious when buying a home, but facts have come to light regarding the real estate market that may mean waiting is not the best…

Talking Turkey – Surviving Holiday Real Estate Conversations

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It’s the holiday season, so we’re giving out tips about how you can discuss the real estate market with your family around the Christmas buffet. We know that Aunt Beatrice has heard on the news that it’s a terrible time to buy a house and Uncle Bernie is saying “Bah-Humbug,”…

Episode 032 – Interview w/ Lauren Senecal

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You may have never heard of them — and there might be a very good reason for that. Most Real Estate Agents don’t want you to think that they exist — but the Transaction Coordinator is the unsung hero of the Real Estate Industry. On this episode, we interview Lauren…

Episode 027 – Real Estate Market Driving You Crazy?

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In this episode, we are giving tips on how to get your offer accepted in this crazy seller’s market. Whether it’s making sure you’re completely approved by your lender BEFORE making your offer, shopping below your top price, or finding out things (other than cash) that the seller might want…┬áThere…

Episode 024 – Interview w/ Brian Darling

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It’s Episode 24 of The Clarified Realty Podcast and Tom and Ron hit the ground running with a discussion about the difficulty companies in Los Angeles are having hiring employees due to the high cost of housing here. They discuss various ways that governments can help — by changing zoning…

Episode 023 – The Thrill Of The Hunt

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In this episode of The Clarified Realty Podcast, Tom is taking a deep look into the sparse inventory out in the real estate market right now and how buyers need to embrace the “Hunter Mentality” for finding a home. When fewer and fewer homes and condos are for sale in…

Episode 022 – Interview w/ Zack King

On this week’s Clarified Realty Podcast, we’re taking a trip into territory that’s a little less traveled — Vacant Land. When people talk about real estate, they’re usually thinking mostly about purchasing or selling a pre-existing, pre-owned, pre-built single-family residence or condo. But, it doesn’t have to be that way….

Episode 018 – Real Estate Agent Tricks And Traps

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In this episode, we cover several ways that Real Estate Agents trick and trap their clients into making the choices that are beneficial to them. They either get more commission or they spend less on marketing your property. Either way, potential buyers and sellers need to educate themselves and be…

Episode 017 – What the Hell Are You Waiting For?

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You know that you’ve wanted to buy a home or condo for a while now, so the real question you need to ask yourself is, “What the hell are you waiting for?” For the very near future, it looks like prices are only going to go up and mortgage prices…