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Interview w/ Richard Hershey

We’re speaking with Richard Hershey of WeReduceTaxes(dot)com, an expert in 1031 exchanges and their alternatives. We discuss 1031 exchanges in an easy-to-understand way — and how they help sellers defer the payment of capital gains taxes. However, because of the lack of inventory in today’s market, there is a lack…

The Best Of Real Estate – 2017 – Part 2

It’s another look at the year with part two of our “Best Of 2017” episode. We start off talking negotiation and how Tom was taught to haggle by his wife — and how he applies this in his real estate career. After that, it’s part of our interview with David…

Episode 022 – Interview w/ Zack King

On this week’s Clarified Realty Podcast, we’re taking a trip into territory that’s a little less traveled — Vacant Land. When people talk about real estate, they’re usually thinking mostly about purchasing or selling a pre-existing, pre-owned, pre-built single-family residence or condo. But, it doesn’t have to be that way….

Episode 020 – Interview w/ David Duley

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We’ve reached episode 20 — and we’ve got a special treat for you. Today our guest is David Duley, the co-host of The Controversial Truth Podcast and author of the book, “I Can Fix America: 52 common sense ways YOU can make the United States great again.” Not only is…