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Real Estate News Of The Week

We start off talking about how inflation could create four interest rate hikes over the next year, making buying a home even more expensive. Then, you won’t believe the latest fad in real estate development — sleeping! Developers are studying sleep patterns to create better environments for their purchasers to…

Episode 022 – Interview w/ Zack King

On this week’s Clarified Realty Podcast, we’re taking a trip into territory that’s a little less traveled — Vacant Land. When people talk about real estate, they’re usually thinking mostly about purchasing or selling a pre-existing, pre-owned, pre-built single-family residence or condo. But, it doesn’t have to be that way….

Episode 004 – Interview w/ Ron Bruno (Part 3)

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Our third and final part of our interview with Ron Bruno (Lender at Guaranteed Rate and co-host) starts off bang! Tom’s starts off with a rant about how Real Estate Agents bend facts to fit whatever narrative they want to tell. He warns everyone that there is a big difference…

Episode 003 – Interview w/ Ron Bruno (Part 2)

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It’s the second part of our interview with Ron Bruno, lender from Guaranteed Rate and, oh yeah — co-host of the Clarified Realty Podcast! In this episode, we look at the life a loan from acceptance of offer, all the way up to the close. We start off by taking…

Episode 002 – Interview w/ Ron Bruno (Part 1)

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For our second podcast, we’re staying close to home (so to speak) with an interview with our incredibly knowledgable co-host, Ron Bruno, and the first of three episodes where we take a deep dive into the  process of lending and mortgages. We start off the conversation by talking about how…